I wanted to save blog number ten for tonight so I could have a full recap of the summer and process my thoughts after the reception this afternoon. First and foremost, thank you to everybody at the Columbus Foundation. This summer has been a tremendous experience and everybody associated with the Columbus Foundation and the Summer Fellowship Program have been fantastic. Having a front row seat to watch some of the best in the business work their magic has been an inspiring experience and I am truly thankful to have been given this opportunity.

Seeing the City of Columbus come together for common good is remarkable. I have seen the work from the outside during my time at Ohio State but now I know that was a limited lens. Being able to participate in tangible and substantial change has made this summer worth my while and then some. It was my first summer staying in Columbus and — other than the weather — it lived up to expectations. The city, the campus, the people, and the progress make Columbus a shining light in the Midwest and it’s no secret why people flock to this town by the thousands each year. It’s a beautiful place with many world-class educational opportunities and I firmly believe that anybody who ever has the opportunity to call Columbus “home” has it better than most.

To the people of Clean Fuels Ohio — you’re rockstars. The work this organization accomplishes may seem less tangible than other nonprofits but I promise the impact is real and massive. I have learned so much in ten weeks about nonprofit management and alternative energy and I feel so much more prepared to take on that intimidating “REAL WORLD”. There’s a simple motto I try to live by, that has meant more this summer than ever:

Make a difference.

Clean Fuels Ohio makes a difference. The Columbus Foundation makes a difference. The 2015 Summer Fellows make a difference. Look out, “REAL WORLD”, there are 13 talented and inspired youngsters on their way to make an impact.

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