Final’s Week.

It is finally time for me to present my final video.

As I look back over all of my footage I realize how hard I worked this Summer.  I conducted tons of interviews, attended numerous events, and of course, documented several different build sites.  It was way more fun than I could have expected. Granted, this is my passion in life, but i does involve a lot of hard work.  I played the role of Producer by making the phone calls and setting up interviews as well as coming up with the ideas for the videos themselves.  I played the role of Director as I approached each set as the man in charge by selecting the shots and conducting interviews.  I played the role of Director of Photography as I framed each and every shot on a daily basis.  I played the role of Production Assistant as I dragged around all of the equipment from place to place by myself.  Then I played the role of Editor as I spent the last couple of weeks editing the videos I had shot.

This was a lot of work for any one person to do.  But I could not have enjoyed it more. I learned so much from doing all of this work alone.  They say in film that you learn way more on a film set than you ever do in the classroom, I must say that I agree with that.  I improved on every aspect of filmmaking which was certainly a big goal of mine heading into this project.  I feel prepared to take on the world as this one man crew I have developed.

Thank you to The Columbus Foundation for making all of this possible. The weekly learning sessions, the learning excursions, or even just the emails back and forth: I enjoyed them all.  This Summer has truly been a blessing.  I will continue to spread the message of the Foundation and encourage others to apply for this same role.  It feels great to be a Summer Fellow Graduate!!!

Here is my final presentation video, Enjoy!

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