Up, Up, and Away!

Yesterday morning I got taken up to fly in an airplane by my CEO. Yes you read that correctly, it is NOT a typo.  The CEO of Habitat For Humanity MidOhio, EJ Thomas, has one of the coolest biplanes in the entire world and he gave me the opportunity to ride shotgun.

This story is not only to brag about the fact that I did loops 4,000 feet in the air, although I am pretty cool… But it is more to show you how quickly you can develop a relationship with your coworkers.  I have only been with Habitat for a couple months and here I am being trusted to co-pilot a million dollar aircraft with my boss’ boss.

When I showed up to the hangar with my friend from Capital, Mike, he took us all around his plane telling us the ins and outs of what made it special.  Of course he could have said anything because I have absolutely no idea what he is talking about.  The point was not the information as much as it was the fact that I was standing with EJ in his own personal hangar.

When he asked me to hop in the back of the plane I was obviously a little bit nervous, but this guy is about as calm and collected as they come.  If you can’t trust him then you can’t trust anybody.  So I hopped in the front seat of the plane, I guess when you are steering solo in this biplane then you do it from the back.  He strapped on my helmet, fully equipped with a speaker and headset so he could talk me through everything he was doing to get the plane up in the air.

I found myself staring through a windshield at what looked to be a football field in front of me as we prepared for take off.  The propellor began to spin faster, the engine roared, and we began racing forward.  It was surprisingly as smooth as any commercial flight I had ever been on.  Before I knew it we were up in the air doing full loops, nose dives, sharp turns, you name it.

No I did not throw up.

Thanks to Ej Thomas for being an awesome boss and friend!

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