Commencement – On to the Next Adventure

I’ve always wanted a chance to use the corny line “Commencement does not mean and ending, but rather it is a beginning.” that is used in every cliched graduation speech and now it seems is my chance! While I am not exactly graduating this summer, my time as a summer fellow with the Columbus Foundation is coming to an end. I am beginning, however, what will be a new adventure as part-time education coordinator, here at the Pizzuti Collection,  for the upcoming year. Yes, it is corny, but commencement feels like a very fitting term for what is occurring in my life right now.

This summer was one of many interesting experiences. It was my first summer not living at home, my first summer living by myself, my first summer being full-time employed, my first arts museum employment, my first summer in Columbus, and a myriad of other firsts. It has been quite the journey.

I learned so much this summer, working with 6 area teens and training them into Junior Docents for the Collection. They have all truly transformed this summer into much more confident, well spoken, and professional young adults over these last 8 weeks. We will be having a small graduation ceremony for them, signifying the end of their official training and the beginning of their time as our first class of Junior Docents. It has always been important to me to make a difference wherever I am. Working with my JDs this summer, I really feel like I have left them with at least a small sampling of “the real world”, what it is like to have a job, and some valuable skills that they will hopefully use for the rest of their lives. If I impacted just one person in a positive way, then I consider this summer a success.

When I first told my family and friends that I would be moving to Ohio for my graduate studies, the response was usually a quizzical look on their faces followed by “Why?” And at that time, the only answer I really had was the opportunity to continue my studies at a well known University. This summer, though, I learned that Columbus is so much more than just Ohio State. It is a vibrant and beautiful city with a rapidly expanding and amazing cultural landscape. Every city has its issues, but Columbus has truly started to feel like a home for me, which as a young 20-something trying to find my place in the world, is a very VERY welcome feeling.

Thank you for following along on my journey this summer. I will say that it is not ending, however, but rather I am commencing onto more opportunities, more expereinces and more time in this beautiful city of Columbus, Ohio. Thank you for coming along for the ride!

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