A Great Start

Hello There,

My name is Yasmin Radzi and I am the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio’s Development/Fundraising Fellow. This week marks the third week of my fellowship and I have had such a blast. I’ve been learning how to operate through Raiser’s Edge and other Blackbaud products. Through these two programs, I’ve been learning about  gift outreach, gift records, and project development.

Every week I attend a Development Committee meeting that involves the Volunteer Coordinator, the Annual Gift Manager, and the Director of Development. During these meetings we talk about different events to hold in Columbus and different ways to reach out to a diverse population. Currently we are working on a “Helpers for the Holidays” Campaign which will act as peer to peer fundraising via a Blackbaud product. For this project, I’ve been tasked to design the website layout, make the donor solicitation letters, and the donor thank you letters. I’ve also been researching on different Furniture Bank of Central Ohio “Swag” items to act as incentives for volunteers who recruit the largest teams!

I also have the responsibility to manage all of the social media updates: twitter, facebook, and instagram! This has been a bit challenging because I have to remember day to day to finish all of my daily tasks on top of social media postings. I’m thankful that I have hopefully mastered time managing and will be on top of this as the weeks progress!

I am grateful for such a great start at such a great non-profit. The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio has helped 8,000 families over the past year in order to fill empty houses with furniture. It’s been a great first three weeks to help create a positive impact on the families in the surrounding area that are in need.

I’m looking forward to work tomorrow and work in the future!

#BedsForKids #FurnitureBank


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