Unite Today. Change Tomorrow.


My name is Ryan Fisher and I have the fortunate opportunity to serve as the Fundraising & Development Fellow for United Schools Network (USN) at the Columbus Collegiate Academy- Main Street Campus.

Columbus Collegiate Academy (CCA) Main Street Campus is a college prep charter school that provides educational opportunities to underserved students, Grades 6-8, in Columbus, Ohio.

What is Fundraising & Development?

I believe that working in Fundraising & Development means moving the organization forward in respect to its mission, vision, and values. Development entails utilizing multiple aspects of the organization, such as communication and alumni services.

What do I do as a Fellow?

On the first day of work I learned more about the behind-the-science operations of CCA. After getting an idea what my Fellowship would be all about I was excited to get started on the following projects:

  • Grant writing
    • proposing a $30,000 grant for a new playground at the CCA- Dana Ave. campus
  • Social media strategizing
    • utilizing multiple social media platforms to promote USN’s Annual Campaign
  • Event planning
    • help organize sponsorship packages for Launch Bash, which is an event that takes place next May and celebrates the LAUNCH of USN’s students into college and the LAUNCH of the 8th grade cohort into high school.

This experience so far has made me appreciate the efforts of United Schools Network to not only close the achievement gap for low income and high need students, but to also give students the skills to gain a degree from the most demanding high schools and colleges.

I look forward to being a part of this movement! Stay tuned for more updates in the future.

About fisher1133

My name is Ryan Fisher and I’m from Loveland, Ohio . I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2016 with B.S. in Public Health with a Specialization in Sociology.
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