A learning (and growing) experience

Hello all!

My name is Haley Duff, I am a senior at Ohio State studying Community Leadership in the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Science. I’m very excited to be completing my fellowship this year at Local Matters. Local Matters is dedicated to making an inspiring impact on the Columbus community through healthful food access and education. Knowing the rate of diet-related diseases and how important nutrition is to kids success in school and their future, I feel passionate about Local Matters’ mission and was excited to learn of my placement and being working with them. 

Within Local Matters, I am working with the communications and development team on a number of upcoming projects that I see incredible learning potential in. When I first started, the team was wrapping up a large annual fundraiser event they put on called Harvest Ball. While I started a little to late to be involved with planning the event, I did get to see all the work that goes in to after such a large scale event. Individually thanking every person who came and donated is a tremendous undertaking, and seeing how important donor stewardship is to the success of the organization is was eye opening. Now the main focus of the team is in their end of the year campaign, which is doubling as a huge capital campaign.

Local Matters is in the process of moving to a big beautiful new office space that will have all the resources within it that they currently rent out from local churches and other space. I’m very excited to work with them on the capital campaign, as I know it will be excellent experience moving forward with my career to be able to draw on the success of it. So far my involvement has been in some online crowdfunding efforts, and writing some copy for emails to be sent out. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from such experienced, kind, and passionate people.

So far one of the coolest experiences I’ve had as a member of the team was being at my first full staff meeting, which was used as a brainstorming session for a new tagline or slogan for Local Matters. It was so interesting to me how just changing the order of words can make a totally different impact on a brand and identity! Everyone at Local Matters is so passionate about the mission, it was inspiring!

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