Not As Easy As It Looks

Hello Everyone,

It has been three months into the fellowship now and I can definitely say that I underestimated the work!

For the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, I manage social media, build peer to peer fundraising platforms, discuss marketing projects, and handle gifts via Raiser’s Edge.

Handling social media is definitely not as easy as it looks. I am at the office two days a week, so I miss a lot of the action that happens when I’m at school. Therefore, I am constantly checking my work email to make sure I am keeping up with all the important events and updates that I can share on social media.

I had the opportunity to attend a Fundraising and Social Media Management seminar this month with the Furniture Bank. A lot of the seminar spoke about how to use different social media platforms. However I learned quite a bit of useful information:

Social media plays a huge role in the “brand” of a non-profit. Therefore it’s really important to make simple, yet effective posts that are posted at the right time during the day to catch the desired audience. For instance, did you know that the best time to post to facebook is between the hours of 8am-8:30am, 12-3pm, and at 9pm?

Interestingly enough, the time you post to facebook is extremely important. If you post at a time that is not listed above, it is most likely that your post will not be seen 1-3 hours later.

I always thought I was an “expert” of social media. However managing your own personal social media is very different from managing your employer’s social media. Remember that a non-profit’s brand is based primarily on social media! So post vibrant, simple, and efficient posts during the lunch hour and the evening to reach the most people in your network!

As the holidays are approaching, I am finishing that last touches on our peer:peer fundraising campaign using Blackbaud’s Sphere software. I am enjoying getting to learn how to build peer:peer sites and hope to add this skill to a future job!

Until next time!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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