Researching, Discussing, and Learning.

The beginning of my fellowship can be described in three words- Research, Discussion, and Learning.

As mentioned in my last post I started research on topics including gift acceptance policies, investment policies, and spending rules. This continued with contacting other Boys and Girls Clubs around the U.S., contacting other local nonprofit organizations, contacting the development staff at my University,”googling”, reading BGCA manuals, etc. This allowed me to collect different perspectives on how to formulate these policies. After my research I was able to create a gift acceptance policy draft and an investment guidelines draft suited for our organization’s mission and objective. Creating these drafts entailed a lot of thorough discussions, primarily with our director of Development, Hilary Blakemore.

Due to my research and discussions I have learned a tremendous amount of new information thus far. A few examples-

  • A Basis Point is equal to 1/100th of 1% and is a common unit of measure for interest rates.
  • That Inter Vivos (Latin) is a legal term referring to a transfer or gift made during one’s lifetime, as opposed to a testamentary transfer.
  • That the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 is an American stock market index designed to be the leading indicator of U.S. equities and is meant to reflect risk/return characteristics.
  • Different types of Asset Allocation mixes, for example a “Traditional Mix” comprised of a basic 65/35 stock/bond split.

On another note, I am really enjoying getting to know everyone in the BGCC Organization and having the opportunity to get involved in different aspects. First I got to attend an event sponsored by the Columbus Blue Jackets where they taught the kids at Milo-Grogan hockey skills and rules of the game. The same week we got to attend a Blue Jackets game and see the action live. I also attended the opening ceremony of the newly renovated learning center at Milo-Grogan, sponsored by Columbus Crew SC! Next up is our Christmas Party! Below are some pictures from the aforementioned events.





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