Happy Holidays from USN!

My time at USN since my last blog post has been very exciting! First, I definitely feel like I’m becoming a lot closer to my co-workers in the development office. I’ve appreciated how everyone is happy to help each other. Additionally. I’ve been able to communicate easily with the Columbus Collegiate Academy (CCA) at Dana Avenue as I was wrapping up my grant application for a new playground at their campus.

In regards to the event planning for Launch Bash, which takes place on May 13, 2016, I was fortunate enough to participate in a very productive meeting with the Special Events Team. There is a lot of collaboration happening with sponsorships, raffle gift options, and so much more. I learned that there are a lot of little steps to take into consideration when planning such a large event and each step is very important.

I’ve been able to visit the CCA-Dana Ave. campus twice so far. The first time included watching a professional violinist perform for the students during their music class, which was definitely fun to watch! The second time included a meeting with the COO of USN and a representative from BSN Sports to talk about our options with a potential new playground. I was able to present what my grant application included and what I hoped to see at CCA-Dana Ave. in regards to the playground renovation. The couple of days after the meeting I wrapped up the grant application with the help of the amazing people at USN and my supervisor, Carmen has graciously agreed to tie up any loose ends before the deadline.

I’m looking forward to even more fun and exciting times at USN in 2016!

About fisher1133

My name is Ryan Fisher and I’m from Loveland, Ohio . I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2016 with B.S. in Public Health with a Specialization in Sociology.
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