Good Bye 2015


Hello There,

It’s already been one month into this wonderful new year, but I just thought I should recap on 2015.

December was the busiest month for the Furniture Bank all year! In the month of December, there was a huge influx of gifts that I had to record, organize, and acknowledge, on top of gathering up outreach material for our Spring Fundraising Event. I definitley admint that December was quiet a crazy work month.

Over Christmas break, I had the opportunity to work actual full 9 hour days at the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, which gave me a real insight on real world work life. I got to experience rush hour traffic as well as the satisification of walking out of the office and crossing everything off of my to do list.

Here are some of the things that I worked on in the month of December:

  • HUGE influx of gifts, acknowledments, and organization of gifts through Raiser’s Edge
  • Drafting emails for recruiting teams, vendors, sponsors, and volutneers for our Bed Race to take place May 2016
  • Organizing volunteer contact and attendance
  • Managing social media
  • Helping the Furniture Bank prepare for the opening of our NEW Furniture/Clothing/Appliances Thrift Store on Morse Road!

When you’re at work for only 4 hours a day, two times a week, it can be really hard to get everything on your to-do list completed. Time management is KEY on top of attending meetings on time and completing assignments on time.

I’m getting very excited about planning for The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio’s 1st Annual Bed Race to take place May 21, 2016! I encourage everyone to stop by for some food, music, racing, and fun! Might as well make your own team while you’re at it!

Looking forward to a great 2016!Click here to learn more about the Bed Race!

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