Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

My time at the Charitable Pharmacy has been nothing short of amazing. I continue to improve on my skills with the help of a great staff!  I have had the opportunity over the last month to help with events and organize a social media fundraising campaign.

Working with the development department at the Pharmacy as allowed me to see how much work goes into events. From picking up napkins to actually entertaining guests, the effort and attention to detail seeks to provide donors with an experience that truly shows our appreciation. This experience taught me the importance of showing our donors how much they mean to the organization, being able to demonstrate and explain what their gifts are going towards, and how they have made our community healthier. Being able to help in any way I can means that I can also show my appreciation for those who give to the Charitable Pharmacy.

As I mentioned before, one of my core responsibilities has been working with social media in order to keep followers up to date on the happenings at the Charitable Pharmacy. I was given the task of creating and executing a campaign for Giving Tuesday. Being able to critically think about the social media experience and what other’s are responsive to on social media was key to making this campaign a success.  I was able to be creative in the way we were making asks through social media. By using short phrases and highlighting the staff that dedicate their time to the organization, I was able to increase the amount of dollars we raised as well as the amount of donors. I was very happy about the success my skills brought to this opportunity.

My time at the Pharmacy has been a great success, but it does come with reflection in order to continue to achieve higher goals and develop my skills. The head of the development department continues to give great feedback on what I can continue to do better, but also what I’m doing well. As the new year begins, my goal is only to continue to do better as a fellow, as a college student, as a human being.

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