A Big Move

Hello all!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season!

At the end of 2015, Local Matters lease ended at their former Broad St office space, or rather, mansion-turned office, even though the new office space on Parsons across from Nationwide Childrens Hospital was not complete yet. This made an interesting start to my school year and trying to get into the swing of a new schedule, because for about two weeks there was no office to go to! The team was great about frequent communication and working remotely. I learned a lot about myself and my own motivation in those two weeks as well, mostly that I am not sure working at home will be something I’ll chose to do if given the option! I had a hard time staying at home working on things, and was much more efficient when working in the student union or a coffee shop. When we finally got into the new office (which was sooner than expected), it’s beautiful! There is still much work to be done to it, especially in the instructional kitchen which will be used for the classes Local Matters offers. However, the space is so open and bright and in a great location.

Currently, they have me very busy and working on many things. One of the ones that I’m most interested in is a ‘focus group’ of sorts for promoting their Seeding the Future campaign. I went through the social media pages Local Matters utilizes and identified a team of people who interact with it the most, by liking or commenting or sharing posts. Then, I created a ‘tool kit’ for the team to use to promote to their own social circles about the campaign. I’m also working on analyzing donor data from 2015, going person by person to see if they were a new donor, returning, if they upgraded or downgraded their donation. As someone who has always been a little bit of a math and stats nerd, I have really enjoyed seeing the trends of donors and it has been insightful to see that people will only donate $5 if they can, but it really goes so far! I’m excited to keep moving forward this semester and see how the Seeding the Future campaign turns out!


Haley Duff


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