Welcoming 2016 with Smiles

It has been a great start to the new year of 2016!

I can finally say that I have become very comfortable navigating through Raiser’s Edge!

The office has become very busy planning and preparing for the opening for The Furniture Bank’s new Thrift Store located at 2165 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH 43229 . Our new thrift store will be selling furniture, clothing, and appliances! Last Thursday Jan. 28, we had our first Hard Hat Open House at the Thrift Store which hosted many potential new board members!

On top of planning for the grand opening for the Thrift Store, I’ve been very busy with planning for our 1st Annual Bed Race! What is a bed race? All it takes it a team of 1 racer, 4 bed pushers, a bed frame, and a twin mattress! The race will take place on Goodale Avenue at Goodale Park in downtown Columbus.

For the Bed Race, I have been reaching out to local food trucks and vendors that I think would make a great “festival” addition to the Bed Race. For this outreach, I had to draft media sponsor emails, vendor emails,  and potential team recruitment emails. As of now I have one food truck confirmed and one team confirmed! I hope to book 3 food trucks and 4 teams by the end of this month! It’s been really fun working along side of Director of Development, Sarah Rooney, at the Furniture Bank. On top of gift management, I am now getting an insight on outreach and event planning as part of the development department!

This month I also started attending weekly management meetings where issues of HR, gift management, development, and other topics at the office are discussed with the management team. It’s nice to get an insight on how real staff meetings are run.

I’m looking forward to this next month and hope to draft a festival map, recruit more vendors, recruit more teams, and learn more about non profit development!

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