Crowdfunding and Millennial Giving

As a fellow at the Charitable Pharmacy I’ve been working on a crowdfunding campaign in order to capture our volunteer base as donors. This has been a wonderful opportunity for me for research and career purposes.

Our volunteer base at the Charitable Pharmacy largely comes from Pharmacy students who have interned at the Pharmacy in order to get hours to graduate. Our Development Director wanted to put a focus on how to capture the people who have served through the pharmacy and were immersed in our mission to support the Pharmacy fiscally. In order to do this, she suggested a crowdfunding campaign.

The first part of this campaign required doing extensive research on Millennial giving and crowdfunding campaign. I found out that volunteerism is a unique to the Millennial generation. My further research showed that those who volunteer are more likely to give financially to an organization they have volunteered with. I also researched the unique and innovative ways nonprofits are engaging with Millennials in order to bring them in as donors. I was able to call and speak with other nonprofits about the way they run crowdfunding campaigns. It was a wonderful experience to call and speak candidly with non profits from all over Central Ohio. The thought that this specific group of donors are not financially established yet was a reoccurring thought, especially since I am also a student. Crowdfunding provides an innovative way to overcome this barrier, with large amounts of money raised from small donations from a large group of people.

I am now at the point where I am planning the campaign, step by step. We have set a specific goal that will help alleviate a specific need. This campaign has come to encompass a lot more than just the development department. I have sat down with Pharmacists and Qualifiers to understand the need within the pharmacy in order to create and execute the story. I am really looking forward to this innovative and creative step the Charitable Pharmacy is taking to capture and retain Millennial donors!



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