Crunch Time at Catholic Social Services

Since the start of the new year, things have been very busy at Catholic Social Services. The date of our Spirit of Hope Gala is approaching very quickly and there is still a lot of work to be done. Over the past few weeks, I have been responsible for securing auction items that we can put into our silent auction. In doing this, I have been calling businesses that we had not heard back from to see whether or not they would be willing/able to donate. Although it has been a tedious process, it has proven to be beneficial. We have more than doubled the number of committed items for our silent auction since I began making phone calls. Through this process, I have learned that there are times that businesses are willing to donate but the information either got lost in the mail or they became busy and forgot to respond. In these instances, a simple phone call was all that was needed to remind them of our silent auction and the causes that will benefit from the funds raised through the silent auction. It is rewarding to see how my work in making these calls is able to help the organization secure items that will allow them to increase the amount of money they are able to raise from the silent auction at the Spirit of Hope Gala.

In the coming weeks, things will continue to be busy as March 5th approaches and we are able to showcase our efforts at the Spirit of Hope Gala. I am looking forward to this event not only because I have put hard work into helping pull it together but also because I have never attended an event like this before. It will be a rewarding experience being able to see the attendees enjoy the event and knowing that all of the proceeds of the evening will go toward serving the clients of Catholic Social Services.

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