It’s All in the Details.

Hello, all! I apologize for this late post. Things have been non-stop at the Charitable Pharmacy lately!

On February 22nd, we launched our first crowdfunding campaign! It’s been exciting putting all the materials together in order for this to be a success. If you’re interested in checking out what we’re doing, I have attached the link here!

This project has sparked a lot of interest from the Board members, which has made me feel amazing. From this project, we have decided to a peer-to-peer campaign for one of the Board member’s annual bike ride. I’ve been doing research on why peer-to-peer campaigns are successful and what exactly about the relationship aspect between the person asking and the donor makes the campaigns more successful. The research has been interesting so far and I’m excited to help build and guide this campaign with a Board member!

Recently, the Charitable Pharmacy has been hosting different events in order to build relationships with different groups of people. A couple weeks ago we had a wonderful open house for local pharmacists. This event gave them the opportunity to come learn about the mission of the pharmacy and how we carry out that mission. This experience has given me tools to plan better events on my own campus, as well as provide me with experience I will need when I graduate.

The Director of Development always tells me, “it’s all in the details” when it comes to planning and executing events. As we continue to have events, this statement comes to the forefront. Today we are hosting members of the United Methodist Church and Bishop Palmer in order to continue to grow our relationship with church members. This event is the biggest we have ever put on and I am looking forward to not only building a relationship with the church members, but the relationship they are building through their organization to ours.


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