Naming and Recognition

The main task I have been working on recently is creating a Naming and Recognition Policy. The purpose of the policy is to provide guidelines for naming opportunities and recognition signage for physical recognition of gifts to support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus. The guidelines are intended to provide structure and baseline definitions, which in turn will help ensure equitable and consistent opportunities for recognition. Creating this policy required a lot of research and discussion as there are a lot of debatable factors within this policy. With the help of Hilary, the Director of Development, we had to decide what parts of our organization are available for naming opportunities such as rooms and designated special use areas within buildings and endowment funds. We also had to decide on minimum donation amounts required for the naming opportunities. It is also very important to include policies in which both parties can terminate the naming opportunity. For example, if the individual or corporation has a name on a building and they become engaged in activities that are in direct conflict with BGCC’s mission and values we needed a policy to refer back to.
The next part of this task was to create individual giving societies for BGCC donors. Before this project, BGCC has only one specific giving society through Boys & Girls Clubs of America-  the Jeremiah Millbank Society. After studying and inquiring ideas from various, well-established, Boys & Girls Clubs and prominent non-profit organizations around the country, we created three different giving level options listed in our Naming and Recognition Policy.
After researching the various Boys & Girls Clubs and inspecting their websites I was inspired to get creative and help enhance our giving page on our website, specifically the Planned Giving section. I was able to create a new design layout and add a lot more helpful information. We even had someone contact us within a day of adding the information to the website!
Recently, I was also able to spend some time with the Clubs kids and attend a biotechnology science lab and go ice skating at Nationwide! It is always great to see the impact that donations are making firsthand!
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