Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Updates!

Over the course of the past month, I have been able to start developing digital content to support the Columbus Zoo and Aquariums and the Wilds’ donor clubs. At the Zoo, there are currently seven donor clubs with giving levels ranging from $175 to $10,000 that provide members with additional benefits and perks to help build a deeper relationship with the Zoo and its mission.

One of the first elements of donor clubs that I learned is that many donors may not want to be a part of them for multiple reasons—some simply want their gift to support the Columbus Zoo with no incentive in return and some, especially at higher giving levels, do not want to reduced tax deduction eligibility that accompanies the benefits of donor clubs. This element of our philanthropy program further confirmed the importance of understanding the desires and motivations of donors.

I have also been further researching commemorative gift options at or around the $250 for the Zoo moving forward. Brick programs prove to be logistically difficult and bench programs are often too expensive for many donors. Options available at other Zoos have included: giving trees, chair and bench sponsorships, community walls and plaques. Looking forward to working with my supervisors to determine what new ideas can be used to support the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

-Connor Hooper


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