Philosophy in action

My growth as a professional and a person has been immense since I’ve started this internship with the Charitable Pharmacy. I have worked on my skills and my moral and ethics as a human being. As the President of the Philosophy Club on Capital’s campus and a student who is engaged with the Philosophy and Religion Department, my service at the Charitable Pharmacy as provided me with more than just job skills, but an intimate engagement with my own values.

All seniors are required to take an ethics course during their final semesters of their undergrad education. Of course this class taught me a lot about the theoretical frameworks of Plato, Nietzsche, and Aristotle, but it also taught me how to engage with other people on their morals and ethics. The professors in the Philosophy are looking to put these frameworks into action by going out into the community and engaging in critical inquiry that is imperative to understanding these philosophical frameworks to their fullest extent. I am to be a student that these professors have come to for guidance. With my background in Sociology, where we have taken what we’ve learned and applied it to service learning, and my work with nonprofit organizations, being able to plan meaningful work has been an ongoing conversation between me and my professors.

I am ecstatic to see and be a part of such a wonderful plan in the Philosophy department. Not only are we breaking out of the conventional way in which Philosophy classes are taught, but we are also building relationships between departments, the university, and the community. Service learning provides a unique opportunity for all students to critically think and engage in the very direct problems that exist in their community. The opportunity to engage in critical inquiry about real problems in our community every day at the Charitable Pharmacy has been challenging, but I know that this inquiry will provide real solutions that helps real people with real problems. I even have the opportunity to share those patients stories. To put my philosophical work into action through the development work I am passionate about has been an absolutely wonderful experience.

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