Keeping busy

It’s hard to believe there is only one month left of the fellowship program! This past month at Local Matters has been filled with preparation to begin fully utilizing our new culinary classroom and office space. I have been doing a little bit of everything to prepare for an official launch and press release of our big move. The official event is at the end of April, so there is much to do between now and then. The remaining time I have left at Local Matters will be spent in preparation for this; creating displays to be put up around the space at the event and prepping materials for other events where we will be advertising our new classes and kitchen.

As a busy body and chronic multi-tasker myself, one thing I have loved about my time here is that my workplan does not end with what is listed above. While waiting for materials to be approved and finalized, I will continue to work on preparations for next year’s Harvest Ball by beginning to design and word the sponsorship packet, create an arsenal of social media posts based on National health-inspired days (ie National Eat Your Vegetables Day, Arbor Day, National Bike to Work Day, etc) and recipes and resources to be shared on social media regarding those topics, and attend various fundraising and development committee board meetings. They keep me busy!

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