The Big Day is Approaching!

After months of planning and preparation, the date of the gala is finally approaching. It seemed as though this day would never arrive but with all of preparation behind us, we are ready for the event. Over the past few weeks, I been helping to ensure that details for the event have been handled. My biggest responsibility has had to do with the silent auction items. With most of our items in our possession, I have been working on packaging them so that they are ready to be displayed on the day of the event.

Another aspect to our silent auction is our online bidding site. For our event, we are using Qtego Auction Services and all of the information for our auction items needs to be entered into the program prior to the event. We have a limited number of characters to describe our items in so we have to be cautious of the way they are described to ensure our guests know exactly what it is they are bidding on the night of the event. We also have to be sure to include any additional information about the package on the site so that guests know expiration dates and stipulations prior to purchasing the item. This is not an aspect I would have thought about prior to being involved in the preparation of the items for this particular event. I have also never been to or volunteered at an event where they used mobile bidding technology so I am excited to see how it works with our guests. It was interesting to be involved in the work going into ensuring the mobile site is ready to use. I feel as though mobile bidding is where silent auctions are headed so I was happy I was able to be involved in preparing our site. I am excited to see how our silent auction goes the night of the event.

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