The Day of the Gala

The week leading up to the Gala was super busy and crazy trying to put all of the last minute details into place. We had several guests’ names change at the last minute and also received new guests at the last minute, so ensuring they had bidding paddles that matched the number that had been assigned to that seat was quite a task. We had to ensure they aligned so that when the guest checked in, the volunteers could find the right guest and also ensured they were in the bidding system correctly so that the correct people were being charged for the appropriate items.

Our office building is unable to be accessed on the weekends, so since our event was on a Saturday, we had to make sure we had all of the items we needed when we left the office at the end of the day on Friday. We had taken most of our big items over to the Columbus Museum of Art earlier in the day Friday, which helped us when we arrived at the venue on Saturday. Since the Columbus Museum of Art is open to the public until 5:00 on Saturdays, we were not allowed to begin setting up our items until 3:00. This meant that we had to ensure all of our items were organized and we were ready to go when volunteers arrived to help at 3:00. Our guests were scheduled to begin arriving at 6:30, so we had limited time to set up our event space. We had a timeline of events that needed to happen prior to the event, and with the help of our volunteers, we were able to stay ahead of schedule and the event space was ready to go when our guests arrived.

Participating in the event was an exciting experience and I enjoyed seeing our hard work come to fruition. This year’s Gala was the highest in terms of number of attendees with nearly 400 guests, as well as highest grossing with over $243,000 raised. This was an amazing event to be part of and I am happy to know I played a part in increasing the funds raised through this event and knowing those funds are going to the wonderful services Catholic Social Services offers to the community.

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