As the Days Are Winding Down..

As the days are winding down not only on my fellowship but also my college athletic and academic career. It is bringing about a lot of emotion and a lot of work. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have gained this experience of completing my fellowship at Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus. I have learned so much, directly and indirectly, especially from my supervisor Hilary Blakemore. I have gotten to know and interact with some amazing people that do remarkable work for this organization. I have also really cherished this opportunity to learn more about the organization and strengthen my connection to it’s mission. Working for Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus is truly an incredible experience. It is a very application based work place, you are able to see everyday how your work is being applied and making an impact on kids lives. From the Youth Development Professionals working directly with the kids, to the Development team working in the admin office, everyone plays a very important role and is helping make a positive influence on the lives of kids in the community.

This fellowship provided me with experience and knowledge in the field of development which I hadn’t had prior.  This fellowship has put me in a great position and increased my passion to pursue a post-grad position in the field of development which I would not have been able to do without the fellowship. More than that, this fellowship has also allowed me to make connections with different people in development that have really helped prepare me for what is next after the fellowship and graduation.

Even though my fellowship with Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus may be coming to an end, my involvement with the organization will not. Considering I will be staying in Columbus after graduation, I will be able to stay connected with the clubs as a volunteer.

Thank you to the Columbus Foundation for such an amazing program, and thank you to Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus for the experience and the memories!


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