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Columbus, Culture, and Community

This week I’ve been reflecting a lot on my relationship with Columbus, and how it has evolved since I found myself moving here in 2009. I told myself I would only stay in Columbus for a year to complete my … Continue reading

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Culture, Redecorating and Education

I’m breaking down week four’s blog post into three categories: culture, redecorating and education. You probably already guessed that by the title. Anyways, let’s get to it! 1. Culture: In reference to company culture, not exactly the larger society. I … Continue reading

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Prove the Possible

Being told that something I made is “pretty” or “beautiful,” even, is not something I’m used to hearing. I grew up in the shadow of my younger sister’s incredible artistic talent, and I accepted a long time ago that the … Continue reading

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“Take Care of Those Nobody Else Pays Any Attention To”

“To take care of those nobody else pays attention to” are words of Catherine Nelson Black, who founded LifeCare Alliance in 1898. Throughout the last few weeks, I have been able to observe the daily logistics and operations of LifeCare, … Continue reading

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Columbus,Ohio: A Cultural Safehaven?

This week has completely blown me away… I feel speechless. I think it’s important to take a pause and think about some of the events of the week (and maybe take a few minutes to look at CNN and BBC). … Continue reading

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Week 4 is out the door

Here we are again…at the end of week four, reflecting on a week of bountiful challenges and growth. This week was stressful in terms of our website creation. From Monday to Wednesday I was mercilessly, fine-tooth-combing through our new website … Continue reading

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“Will the Political Climate Effect This?”

Usually my posts are a very light-heart read make you (or at least I hope) smile because of the beautiful things happening with ETSS. I promise the end of this blog will return that, but I have to get something … Continue reading

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Week 4!

In what seems to have happened in the blink of an eye, yet another amazing week working at the Ohio Association for Nonprofit Organizations (OANO) has come to a close. While I’m quickly gaining knowledge regarding the nonprofit sector and … Continue reading

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What do you mean by “fellow”?

It’s often hard to explain to my friends and family what it means to be in a “fellowship” role. Usually they squint their eyes and nod slowly as I attempt to explain and many, I’m sure, leave the conversation thinking … Continue reading

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We’re Saving Lives

Last week, there were two standout encounters that reminded me of the life-saving work of The Center for Balanced Living. It filled me with a whole new appreciation for The Center and gave me even more motivation to work hard throughout my … Continue reading

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