The first of many

Hello! My name is Demi Levitch and I am the newest intern with Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations (OANO), where I will spend the summer working to develop and implement the latest Standards for Excellence program for Ohio’s nonprofit organizations. As a senior at The Ohio State University studying Public Affairs and Nonprofit Management, I was thrilled to hear of my acceptance to the Columbus Foundation Fellowship program, confident that my experience would provide me with immense growth as I furthered my goal of becoming a powerful and inspiring leader within Ohio’s nonprofit sector.

Although I’m only a few days into my time with OANO, I feel immensely proud of each report, blog, and proposal I write. Of course, my work is nowhere near perfect, but it is each imperfection that provides the opportunity for growth within the learning process. As I’ve collaborated with staff and board members, I’ve already begun to understand what is needed to work in a vibrant and passion-filled organization such as OANO and I leave the office smiling each day not only because of what I’ve accomplished, but also because I already feel as if I’m contributing to a world of difference, a world abundant with ethical and accountable nonprofits.

The need for OANO and other like-minded organizations is real. In a society saturated with a variety of nonprofits in every shape, size, and color, it is incredibly crucial that nonprofit organizations maintain broad public support to differentiate themselves within a competitive market. Public confidence in a nonprofit’s work influences every aspect of its success, from its ability to acquire volunteers, solicit charitable contributions, and more generally, accomplish its mission. As such, I feel incredibly lucky to serve an organization committed to raising the level of ethical and accountable practices in nonprofit organizations. A nonprofit for nonprofits— it doesn’t get much better than that!

I’m looking forward to another amazing summer and can’t wait to share what I learn next!

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