Unveiling the Basics

Hello everyone! My name is Katie Grammenidis and I am one of the summer fellows for the Columbus Foundation. For the next nine weeks (I can’t believe the first week is already almost finished) I will be working at the Ohio History Connection for their History to Go program. History to Go facilitates educational programs on-site and helps to provide a more complete educational experience. Why is this program significant? Well, I’m sure one could give many different reasons for why this fellowship is significant. However, for me, this fellowship makes an important contribution to society by impacting students. I will be facilitating History to Go programs to those students who normally would not have the chance to receive this educational experience. It’s so important for students, from all socioeconomic backgrounds, to receive a complete education and to be inspired by the learning process. I was fortunate enough to receive a good education, have access to museums, and differentiated learning opportunities. This fellowship allows more students to receive the same.

I guess this would be a good time to say a bit more about myself. I have just graduated from The Ohio State University and in the fall I will be attending law school. When I was in undergrad, I majored in both political science and history. I am one of those people who genuinely loves learning; I actually find school fun (okay, maybe, not the tests part). Even though I will be attending law school, I plan on continuing to pursue these academic interests. I hope that the passion I feel towards history and learning can be shared with others. How will I be sharing it with others? Through five different programs: Inventions and Innovators, Pioneer Life Experience, American Indian Experience, Ohio River Valley Tribes: Removal to Today, and Founding Documents.

This week, my first week, I spent a significant portion of my time learning about these programs and how to facilitate them. I also spent time at the Columbus Foundation, where I became acquainted with my fellow fellows. When I started this fellowship on the first day I was slightly unsure of exactly what I would be doing, but it seemed like all the fellows were in the same place. Now, though, I at least have learned the basics.

I can’t wait to see what the upcoming weeks will unveil and the personal and professional growth I will experience!


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