“Nourishing the Human Spirit”

Week one with LifeCare Alliance left me overwhelmed and consumed, yet enlightened, opportunistic, and in awe all at the same time. From the first day, I was busy learning all that LifeCare Alliance has to offer. From the moment I walked in the door to the second I walked out in the evening, I was talking and getting to know different people within the organization. Understanding all of the programs and services that LifeCare offers I found was impossible in four days, but my supervisors did a wonderful job of allowing me to meet and get to know the directors of each program, such as Meals-on-Wheels, the Columbus Cancer Clinic, Visiting Nurses, Senior Dining Centers, Help-at-Home, and Senior PetCare, to therefore get a taste of all they are doing to assist the elderly and the medically challenged in our community. This past week I feel as if I was able to obtain an outstanding view of the ways in which LifeCare Alliance lives out and strives to reach its mission each and everyday.

A few highlights of my week include touring the kitchen where all the meals are prepared for Meals-on-Wheels (5,000 each day!) and sitting in a on leadership meeting led by one of the board members, assisting with a meal route, helping with the Somali meal coupon distribution, eating at Carrie’s Café, and getting to know many of the staff members who have been able to share their wisdom, knowledge, and passion with me. Throughout the course of the next nine weeks I will mainly be working with the Fan Campaign, the Animeals Program, and at Carrie’s Café to
observe, assess, and address any improvements that could be made within these programs. I will then be able to evaluate, research, and determine possible suggestions and implementations that could be made to make these programs even more successful.

A little background about myself- My name is Kathleen Quinn, and I am going to be a senior at the University of Dayton this fall. I am a Columbus native, and could not resist applying for the wonderful opportunity of living in Columbus this summer, and serving with the Columbus Foundation and LifeCare Alliance. My major is International Studies with a concentration in Global Migration and Economic Development, as well as obtaining a Certificate in Nonprofit and Community Leadership. I am excited to dig deeper into the nonprofit world, and to obtain a first hand look at how one is run and managed. Being paired with LifeCare Alliance is a blessing and truly a once in a lifetime experience because of the ability to gain insight on the wide array of programs LifeCare has to offer. With just four days under my belt at LifeCare Alliance, I already have a glimpse of how the above programs mentioned truly do not only feed mouths but also the soul. Within four days, those at LifeCare have already convinced me to join in on their mission to “nourish the human spirit.”



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