And another one’s gone..

“And another one’s gone. And another week bites the dust. Hey!” And what a week it has been!

It makes complete sense how two weeks can fly by so quickly when you are working hard and purely enjoying what you are doing. On Monday, I uploaded event information for our JazZoo Summer Series and PBJ & Jazz at Topiary Park into over 20 different community calendar’s on the internet. These radio stations, tv channels, and newspaper/magazine websites will then display information about our upcoming events in order for us to boost sales and attendance. I also continued to work on drafting tweets and facebook posts for the Jazz Arts Group to display on our social media platform. Another large part of our Twitter feed is celebrating famous jazz musicians and composer’s birthdays. Therefore, I was able to research many historical artists and learn about their legacies. Through these tweets Jazz Arts Group has the ability to now only celebrate these artists’ lives and contributions to the world, but also to educate our audience of followers!

JazZoo 2016 LogoAnother large project that I am undertaking is to help with the soft-launch of our website. On majority of Tuesday and today, I am looking at the website as a pair of fresh eyes. I make notes about formatting, spelling, navigation and/or content! It is a lot of information to sift through, but I know that the finished project will make all the hard work worth it when a beautiful site allows more people to witness the magic of the CJO.

Wednesday, I spent the whole day at the Columbus Foundation! It was very refreshing to get out from behind my desk and computer and be able to network, learn new skills and interact with new people! In the morning the group of fellows were able to check in about our past weeks and it was very inspiring to hear what the other ladies are achieving and adding to the community! Then we were able to listen and converse with five non-profit professionals in the Columbus community from Ohio State to United Way and the Star House to Columbus Public Health. It was a great way to hear about others’ paths into the non-profit sector and what continues to challenge them and what pushes them to get out of bed in the morning!

In the afternoon, after a tasty lunch at a Columbus hotspot “Wolf Ridge Brewery,” I attended a LinkedIn for Non-Profit Seminar at the Columbus Foundation. This seminar lit a fire underneath me to learn more about this networking platform and bring my new skills back to Jazz Arts Group and help build our company page. After the session there was another networking event with establish non-profit directors in the community. Along with a few other fellows I was able to meet some friendly new faces! Sure enough, I connected with them on LinkedIn today to be able to keep in touch and expand my network!

Today and tomorrow I have continuously preparing for our upcoming events. From a performance at the Columbus Arts Festival tomorrow evening to a PBJ & Jazz in late June. All together, I have learned that it is not rare for me to be putting on multiple hats throughout the day and being able to service multiple skills throughout the office and community!

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