Field Trip Turned Action Plan

Week two has been filled with A LOT of research and A LOT of brainstorming! It’s always tricky to find balance (no pun intended – I’m at the Center for Balanced Living) between working through the creative process quickly but also allowing my thoughts to develop organically. Luckily, I had some help yesterday!

Not only did I have very beneficial meetings with my supervisors (one for The Center’s social media/marketing and one for marketing the nutrition app) but I went to Denison University with three other staff members from The Center. A board member work at Denison and found a way for an organizational management class to take on The Center as a “client” for their class project. The class came to The Center about a month ago and broke off info three consulting groups to create a marketing plan. Aka they told me what to do for the next eight weeks of my fellowship (one of the group’s recommendations was to get a Communications Intern…BINGO!). I’m 100% kidding but they did provide us with great ideas to process and build off of. It was very helpful to get their insight about what they would like to see and how we can utilize university connections to increase awareness for The Center.

In addition to this field trip, a highlight of my week was a blog post I wrote for NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association). The Center was a 2014 Feeding Hope Grant recipient for their NEW FED TR program (Neurobiologically Enhanced With Family/Friend Eating Disorder Trait Response) so NEDA wanted to feature how The Center is oprtimizing the grant with this incredible program. It’s seriously incredible!! Individuals and their supports have come from London and Guatemala as well as all over the United States to participate in the five day program. The research gathered from post-testing is looking very promising for participants’ recovery! I’m not sure when the blog post will be published on NEDA’s website but I’ll keep you updated!


I am fortunate to be able to extend this focus on NEW FED TR with a social media campaign that I am just now beginning to plan! The maximum for each session is only six participants due to the need for individual attention but I am looking forward to seeing how the campaign can reach the most ill individuals with Anorexia Nervosa traits and prompt them to get the help they need. Learning the strategic nutritional and mental health aspects of the program is so intriguing and more importantly, beneficial so that I am highlighting the most unique features of NEW FED TR. Working alongside clinicians, dietitians and psychologists who are willing to extend their knowledge with me is really neat! I feel much more educated on topics I have never had classes in every single day.

I am definitely becoming aware of the obstacles that nonprofits have to work around when it comes to limited staffing and funds. Even more, HIPAA regulations along with keeping the safety of the staff in mind in regards to social media ethics and other communication pieces is quite tricky. I am learning limitations of my marketing ideas that I never would’ve imagined existed. It’s a challenging process but it’s an incredible experience and I’m having a lot of fun while doing it!

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