For the Love of Learning

Today is the only day of this week that I won’t be facilitating a History to Go program…and it’s also Friday. As I reflect back on the events of the week, I can see some of the strives I’ve made towards my fellowship goals. At the Ohio History Connection, one of my goals, is to facilitate the History to Go program to under-served communities. I’ve had the chance now to facilitate our programming at several different schools and community centers in the Columbus area. I continue to find enjoyment in seeing the kids light up when they are experiencing new ideas about history. This program helps to provide outreach to communities in Columbus and hopefully to see the Ohio History Connection as a resource for them.

For the last three days, one of the schools we have been going to is OSU Schoenbaum where we facilitated a modified version of our Pioneer Life program to Pre-K kids. Additionally, we used this opportunity to pilot the book Jacob’s Button, which was created with funds generously provided by the Ohio Arts Council. The book tells a day in the life story of a young pioneer boy named Jacob on a search for his Grandfathers’ button.


Reading at OSU Schoenbaum

The kids enjoyed the tactile nature of the Pioneer Life program and were highly interested in objects, such as the chamber pot and the coffee grinder. Today, I received a scrapbook style book from the first set of kids from OSU Schoenbaum. They filled the book with pictures of the activities they did as a thank you to History to Go. The one little boy, who loved the program, said to me “thank you for teaching us about history,” with a big smile on his face.

Thank you book

Thank You Scrapbook Made by the Kids

I’m really thankful that the program was a success and that the kids could gain so much out of the experience. OSU Schoenbaum has a mixed income model for the kids they accept, which results in a diversity of students. The History to Go Columbus Foundation Summer Fellowship is creating connections to target communities in the Columbus area. I believe this opportunity helps to further my personal understanding of differences between communities just within Columbus. However, I’m looking forward to the future kids we will reach (and the future hugs I’ll receive) in the upcoming weeks!

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