“I get told ‘I love you’, at least once a week.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.33.23 PM

What has two thumbs, made over 300  name tags from scratch, fixed multiple bus crises, eaten a full vegan lunch, created a newsletter, sent out minutes of multiple meetings, helped stuff coolers in a small Honda, copied and laminated 128 “Teen Talk”cards and had a small wrestling match with the printer? This fellow right here!

This week has been one of the best so far at ETSS. Each week gets busier and I am completely in love with the beautiful chaos of it all. The photo above is a funny coincidence. Story time:

Yesterday was Brittany’s birthday (hooray!) and in her honor, the office had potluck! Nom, nom, nom… I was able to ride with Camille, our amazing HR Manager who I swear is always busy, to go get Brittany’s vegan birthday cake. Yes. Those exist, and they are amazing. (Shameless plug: We picked up the cake from Patty Cake Bakery on High St. Check it out kids.) Anyway, on the way I was talking to Camille about the work style in the office and how it’s really allowed me to thrive. At ETSS, no one is every breathing down your neck, ensuring every detail is the same as how it’s been done in the past. There is a lot of self-directing and if you do feel like doing a project different than in the past, it’s completely fine. This is a place where you’re always welcome to ask questions, but you’re also always welcome to take charge.

While we were talking, I mentioned the office feels like it’s own family and Camille said, “It absolutely is, I get told, ‘I love you’, at least once every week. And whenever you come back from the weekend, it’s like you’ve been gone for a month. Everyone comes up and hugs you and asks how your weekend was.” This is completely true, the vibe of the office is incredible. I’ve already written about receiving hugs for completing tasks and how kind everyone is. Even for the whole office to take some time out of the day to celebrate an employee’s birthday is lovely. Using the word, “employee”, feel weird because that’s how close the office is.

This is going to sound completely cheesy, but I’m really grateful the universe gave me this opportunity to meet all these amazing people and be a part of the life-changing programs they provide for families and children.

With that last bit of cheese, I am off. Happy Friday everyone!

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