Summer is “jazz”-ing up!

I feel such deja-vu because every week when I sit down to write my post, I feel as though I always begin with explaining how fast another week has rushed by. And this week was no different. Monday began with a full to-do list on my plate. I went from editing our website, to taking our new season brochures to the ticket office, scheduling social media posts and crafting catchy language to bring new people to our upcoming shows. Soon after the day was over, I realized how my work days have fallen into a routine and I am feeling much more at ease with my tasks and the flow of the office.

Tuesday was a special day, my birthday, and there was no better way to celebrate it then working hard to make changes in the Columbus community, while being surrounded by passionate, driven individuals. I was able to continue my tasks of marketing and communications in the office, with a chipper attitude and a bonus treat of cookies (gluten-free of course) from my co-workers!

Wednesday rolled around and we had an office drop-in meeting. All of the staff members met in our lobby to individually share what our weekly projects and goals were. This was a great way to make sure the whole organization was on the same page! It also brought into light when someone may need to do something that fell through the cracks or was doing something that someone else was already working on. Overall, a necessary forum to instill more communication. Throughout the day I was able to work with other directors in the office to learn about projects in different departments. For example, JAG is planning their “One Night Only” fundraising, yearly gala event. And I was able to tour the venue with other interns as well as hop on conference calls about services to make the process more improved than last year.

Come Thursday, my to-do list had grown and I had more meetings, calls and responsibility on my plate. I began to feel in the jive with my co-workers, my work load and the pace of task-completion. Overall I recognized how every day I became more comfortable in my role, more proud of the work I was doing, and more knowledgeable about the non-profit arts field.

Today, Friday, I am sitting at my desk, listening to the continuous hum of the copy machine, appreciating the sound of keys on the keyboard and chatter on phone lines, because I know what that equates to. These sounds equate to a work place that is making a difference. These sounds prove that we have many more strides to make but each day is a step in the right direction. Together, I am becoming more confident in my talent and knowledge, and all I can do is remind myself to be appreciative of the opportunities I have been given by the Columbus Foundation.


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