When It Rains, It Pours

There’s something thrilling about Ohio’s summer storms. A bright, sunny day can be rapidly overtaken by great dark clouds in an instant–you blink a few times, and suddenly, the sky is consumed by a ferocious pounding of rain, an ominous booming of thunder, and a blinding flash of lightning. I’ve always loved thunderstorms. And although this week in Columbus was filled with awe-inspiring, physical thunderstorms, my week at KIPP also felt excitingly thunderous as well.

With my supervisor out of town for the week, I’ve been assigned the task of re-creating test score-tracking spreadsheets for this upcoming year. The spreadsheets have left me with some rather interesting problems that have my brain twisted up in fun knots of frustration (like realizing that the reason your formula hasn’t been working for two hours was because… you added an extra space after a number. Oh boy.) But besides the Great Extra Space Debacle of June 16th, I’m loving the methodical, thoughtful way of searching for solutions that the work entails. But just when I started to settle into a pattern of regular computer work, my coworkers realized that with my supervisor gone, I’m open for any other business they have for me.

Earlier in the week, I was sitting in my office when one of my coworkers came in and politely asked if I had any time to help her out with a project. I agreed immediately–I want to get to know my coworkers better, and I also want to experience as many different types of jobs as possible during my time at KIPP. To my delight, the small “raincloud” of alternate work soon turned into a whole flood of other coworkers asking for my help on projects.

This week, I got to help organize and take inventory of the school’s books, edit a PowerPoint presentation on KIPP’s performance over the past year, and help prepare materials for KIPP’s incoming new teachers, just to name a few things. Not only have I been broadening my breadth of work at KIPP, but I’ve also been getting to know more of the amazing people that I’m working with. When it rains, it pours, indeed.

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