We’re Saving Lives

Last week, there were two standout encounters that reminded me of the life-saving work of The Center for Balanced Living. It filled me with a whole new appreciation for The Center and gave me even more motivation to work hard throughout my fellowship.

At the staff meeting, the HR Director introduced a new item on the agenda where she asks someone to share a client spotlight/success story. One of the program directors shared a very inspiring story and ended with a statement along the lines of “She constantly thanks us for saving her life. I think we often forget that that’s what we’re doing each day – saving lives.”

NEW FED TR (the 5 day program for individuals with anorexia nervosa that I mentioned in my previous blog post) was last week and so when I would walk through the office or come/go for the day, I passed clients and their supports. On the last day of the program, I came across a distressed mother. I couldn’t imagine the stress that she was going through in this anxiety-filled process. I don’t know her name or her story but I do know that the Center is equipped with experts to do everything possible to save her child’s life.

Out of all mental illness, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate. I am continually reminded of this as I am creating content for social media, beginning to work on Google Ads (free for non-profits!! You need to check it out!), developing a new outreach program, crafting a marketing strategy for the nutrition app and writing blog posts for the website.

Although I am not meeting with clients or doing any dietetic or psychological work, it is so moving to be a part of a non-profit organization that directly saves lives. My “behind-the-scenes” work is educating the public, creating awareness for the Center and hopefully bringing new clients through the door so they can receive the help they need. Just maybe my work will be included in someone’s life-saving story.

As Derek Shepherd constantly said in Grey’s Anatomy (any fans out there?!), “It’s a beautiful day to save lives.”

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