Culture, Redecorating and Education

I’m breaking down week four’s blog post into three categories: culture, redecorating and education. You probably already guessed that by the title. Anyways, let’s get to it!

1. Culture: In reference to company culture, not exactly the larger society. I was asked to describe the company culture while submitting a member spotlight sheet to The Columbus Chamber of Commerce yesterday. Even though I’ve only been at The Center for a few weeks, I didn’t even hesitate. What an incredible feeling! In addition to witnessing the respect people have for each other on days of busyness and chaos during the life-saving, the Center is continuously expanding and changing which adds a whole new layer of busyness and chaos. I have been receiving quite a few emails about Directors going through interview processes, new hires, promotions and a retirement. The way each staff member addresses each other and the new folks who are joining the team is so awesome. Yes, awesome because that’s the word I feel describes everyone’s drive, encouragement and patience each day. I almost feel like I need to lower my culture expectation standards once I leave because the bar is high!

2. Redecorating: I returned from a staff meeting on Tuesday to find out that my office was practically gone…in a surprisingly undeserving way. Undeserving because I was given a new desk, bookshelf, table and two chairs. Their reasoning was that my previous furniture was old and wimpy. I am still trying to get over the fact that I have my own extremely spacious office. They treat me too well! With three days at this new desk, I’ve been working on many exciting things like pitching a story idea about a mindful workout program to the media (hopefully I’ll be able to share the outcomes soon!), creating internal communication tools for staff and clients, making designs and conducting research for the nutrition app and having long conversations on the Google helpline to smooth over some technical mishaps. Being able to run with my ideas with endless support from my supervisor has been exciting to new heights!


3. Education: On Tuesday, a guest speaker came in from Nationwide Children’s Hospital to talk about ARFID (avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder). In a talk mostly directed at the clinicians and dietitians around me, I followed along much more than I expected. Whether it is an Instagram post or a press release, learning more about various disorders and hearing personal encounters of health care providers is extraordinarily useful in my day-to-day communications. I am so fortunate that I am included in talks like these as well as staff emails with suggested readings. This morning, I read about terms to avoid or reconsider in the eating disorder field from the International Journal of Eating Disorders. As other fellows have said, I am already learning more in this fellowship than I have in my courses. Not just about my specific area of work but the operations of nonprofits as a whole. Being able to sit down across the table from President and CEO of The Columbus Foundation, Doug Kridler, a few days ago was a perfect mid-week inspiration. Afterwards, we all walked out to the parking lot with pure excitement to get back to our nonprofits and a generous amount of pride that these nonprofits are in Columbus.

I’m assuming that redecorating won’t be on the agenda for next week, but I am eager to see how much more I learn through The Center and The Columbus Foundation in the weeks ahead!

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