Week 4 is out the door

Here we are again…at the end of week four, reflecting on a week of bountiful challenges and growth.

This week was stressful in terms of our website creation. From Monday to Wednesday I was mercilessly, fine-tooth-combing through our new website to find errors, mistakes, formatting issues or lost information in order to fix all problems before we set the website for a launch on Monday! (Yay!) However, you never realize how many times you need to get up from your chair and come back to look at the site in a new way. Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.25.19 AM.pngLuckily, we are on time with our recent projection and ready to leap our new site in to the user’s screens. With this comes the responsibility of listening to all user’s complaints, challenges, dislikes, and hopefully some compliments as well. I was awarded this daunting project of charting all feedback to bring back to our developer and to look over as a team for what we will continually want to change for ease of user-interface.

Beyond website tasks this week, I was able to sit in on new meetings and experiences. On Monday we had our Annual-year-end board meeting. This was special because we looked at the past budget and turn-out and had to pass the upcoming year’s budget. I was surprised how intrigued I was by costs, revenues, and projects. I actually found my eyes glued to the budget to see what things were predicted to cost and how they exceeded or fell below that number. Even more interestingly, after visiting the Giving USA seminar last week, it was quite surprising how true that data held to JAG and our donor patterns. (what a full circle!)

I also had the honor to attend an ACE (Arts & Cultural Educators Collective) Meeting on Wednesday. This group of Columbus arts educational directors meets bi-monthly in different locations to talk about a specified topic and share their challenges, processes and successes in the community. This week we talked about technology and how it can either enhance or prohibit growth, engagement or access to exhibits and performances. I was fortunate enough to meet other education directors from Ohio Dance, Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio History Connection, Ballet Met, Upper Arlington Arts Council, Transit Arts and Dublin Arts Council. I am so appreciative that forums are in place and there is such a strong support system for arts programs across Columbus.

My week was filled with other exciting experiences such as listening to Doug Kridler, Columbus Foundation President, speak to the fellows, go out to lunch at Schokko Arts Café with other fellows, lead my own conference calls for our website and upcoming JazZoo! events, and continuously work across social media platforms for JAG marketing. Overall this week has brought forth new experiences and has also challenged me to strengthen my own leadership skills to take the reins on some of my own smaller projects within JAG.


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