Columbus, Culture, and Community

This week I’ve been reflecting a lot on my relationship with Columbus, and how it has evolved since I found myself moving here in 2009. I told myself I would only stay in Columbus for a year to complete my AmeriCorps service. Job opportunities, new friends, and realizing how much this city has to offer led me to stay. As some of the other fellows mentioned, Doug Kridler spoke with us this week about the opportunities Columbus has been given recently and his vision of how Columbus will continue to evolve. It’s incredibly exciting to be living in a city where there is so much change and opportunity. Grad school has been keeping me busy, and this week has reminded me there is still a lot in the city I have yet to take advantage of and explore.


Still high off of the Columbus warm and fuzzies, I took the teens at Southpoint this weekend to a quintessential Columbus event: ComFest. None of the teens had ever been, and I talked to beforehand about the Statement of Principles that guide the event, and how this year the organizers strived to include more hip-hop in the line-up. I wish I could say that they loved it and were inspired by the energy there but, well…it was hot. Very hot, and very, very crowded. It was interesting to get the teen’s perspective on ComFest and Columbus more generally. They don’t feel a particular affinity for Columbus, and expressed that they want to leave when they can. Talking to them made me think about how we develop our self-identity in relationship to the city we live in depends on many different factors, including our culture and upbringing.

Thinking about all the changes Columbus will be going through has me thinking about how I will change and grow in the next decade. Having this fellowship experience, and finishing grad school will certainly influence that change!

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