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Sprinting towards the finish

I can hardly believe that the days left in my fellowship are in the single digits.I mentioned earlier on in the summer that we were exploring doing a mural in the room we are shifting into a teen center at … Continue reading

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Work the Body, Grow the Mind

As taxing as it is, I truly love exercising. After a long (and rather sedentary) day at the office, there really is nothing better than breaking a sweat, moving your body, and exhausting yourself to the point of satisfaction. Well, … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the End

  As week 10 is quickly approaching, my heart has been filled with lots of lasts. As I reflect on the past ten weeks, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of those who have invested in me to maximize … Continue reading

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My Most Memorable Week Yet!

Most of my days are fairly routine. I come in to my office at 8:30am and stay there until I leave at 4:30pm. Every so often, I will meet with my supervisor or make a stop in the front office to … Continue reading

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Early Goodbyes

Sadly, my supervisor for the last nine weeks will be on vacation for my last week. Fortunately, we had an early celebration of my time here at the Ohio History Connection. We were planning on going to the Columbus Commons … Continue reading

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Race to the finish

With only one week left, I have spent my last few days tying up loose ends. This week I have mainly focused on finishing my larger projects at Jazz Arts Group. Therefore, I have been gathering all my observations from … Continue reading

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The show must go on

From meetings to video shoots and another JazZoo, I had quite an adventurous week again. On Tuesday I was able to meet with my friend Kate who is the communications and marketing director for Gateway – Steinert. We sat down … Continue reading

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