“The human animal differs from the lesser primates in his passion for lists.” H. Allen Smith

As I reach the halfway mark in my fellowship, I’m finding myself sitting at my desk overwhelmed by all of the lists I have made. During the last five weeks of my fellowship I am going to be working with the teens to complete a mural on an interior wall in the community center at Southpoint. Today, the teens and I cleaned out the room we intend to make a teen space and paint the mural. The room has functioned as a sort of make-shift childcare room, and we worked to pack up the toddler toys and move furniture to make way for the mural. I had the teens brainstorm themes and start arranging images for the mural, and challenged them to come up with their own designs. To get their brains working I had them look at some images of some of the beautiful public art murals we have around Columbus.

In researching how to go about doing this with the teens I looked at how other community mural projects have been executed. I was inspired by some of the beautiful projects I found, but was anxious upon learning the months and months of planning and coordination that went into them. I had to remind myself that for this project my goals are simply to have the teens work together, and end up with an image that they and the rest of the community at Southpoint likes.

I’m also working with the youth staff to put on a back to school community carnival my last week with Concord Counseling.  We want the kids at Southpoint to receive school supplies as prizes for the games we set up. This week I’ve learned more about bounce houses, popcorn machines and balloon tiers than I ever thought I would. I’ve been working on soliciting donations for food and school supplies. It’s going to be a lot to pull together in the next four weeks, but it will be an exciting to have it all come together my final week.


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