The Power of People

As cliche as it is, time has flown by this summer. I don’t have too many thoughts to share from the past week, I’ve been busy going to sites and doing History to Go programs and working on the facilitators guide.

However, there is one important reflection I had a chance to make last week–the power of people. The people we are surrounded by, whether we want those people around us or not, effect our own mood. I’m feeling very thankful to be able to work with so many lovely and positive people. Most of the people I work around at the Ohio History Connection have lots of projects and tasks to be managing, just like in many non-profits. So, for people to take their time to be friendly means a lot to me. Everyone wants to feel welcome and at ease and I think I’ve started to feel this way within the organization.

Coincidentally enough, I was mid-way through typing that last sentence, when one of the people that works here stopped by my desk. We ended up having a lovely conversation about how things are going. Of course, it’s not just the people that work right beside me at the Ohio History Connection that allow me to have a positive experience, but also those that I meet when I’m facilitating History to Go programs.

I enjoy interacting with children who are inquisitive and joyful. It’s rewarding to see the smile on a child’s face, because they are so happy to be learning and creating.


The little girl above is glowing with a big smile on her face, because she gets to show off the necklace she made during our American Indian program. Knowing I am one component that is helping to provide that smile and many others feels great.

To make a long story short, I get to leave work with a smile today 🙂


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