It’s not Greek to me

Yesterday, I was invited to sit in on a nutrition app development meeting. The app group from the Center has met with the technology firm previously but this was the first official action meeting to kick-off the six month creation process.

With a room of half eating disorder specialists and half technology specialists, the divide was clear. I noticed how the firm was attempting to grasp the Center’s complex nutrition terms and philosophy while the Center was trying to understand all of the moving parts in this massive project . They each had to re-explain their thoughts to overcome language barriers and made remarks like, “this is all Greek to me”.

This meeting was rather reassuring that I have learned quickly in this fellowship. When the firm posed questions, I simply observed but felt that I could speak on behalf of the Center to make decisions. You can certainly argue that in my position, I better know my wording and ethical decisions without much thought. However, at internships that I have had in the past, it has taken longer than six weeks for me to feel truly comfortable and adjusted to a work environment, yet alone be able to have a say in large undertakings.

I walked away with confidence that I am not only learning constantly but trusted and valued. I have been given full access to communication channels that are rarely handed to others. I have received feedback that makes me smile quite a bit (who would’ve thought that this bathroom stall newsletter would be such a hit or that other eating disorder facilities across the country would borrow my designs for their social media accounts?!).


Additionally, I have the consolation that at week six, it’s not Greek to me. I have less questions to ask, more freedom to run with my tasks, a greater understanding of the obstacles and triumphs that occur here daily and a long but exciting to-do list to accomplish. Thank goodness, it’s not Greek to me!

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