A Trusting Community

The Columbus Foundation and this Summer Fellowship have given me countless opportunities to learn new skills, meet new people and engage with the community. This past week, there were two specific opportunities that have truly stuck out to me over the course of the fellowship.

On Tuesday, July 5th, the Columbus Foundation Summer Fellows met with the ACE Interns at the Longaberger Alumni House near Ohio State University’s Campus. Together we participated in an etiquette luncheon. Over soup, salad, entrees, and dessert, I learned much more than which fork to use. I learned about where it is appropriate to put your purse, where to put your napkin when you use the restroom, what topics are appropriate for the table, when is too early to show up, and how to react if you do not like the food. I was also able to meet new people, ACE students, and learn about their summer jobs working in advancement offices across the university. After a lunch of spills, mistakes, great food and even better conversation, I can say I feel confident enough to act professional and appropriate in a business meal setting.

On Wednesday, July 6th, Jason Moore from Fulcrum Creatives joined us at our learning session at the Columbus Foundation. Jason presented about branding, which I was surprised to learn meant more than your logo and theme. Instead a brand is the symbiosis of the internal and external organization and community about the organization and the mission it works to achieve.  This brand can be enhanced by imaging, and slogans, but it is best created by a shared vision of why the company is important and does what it does. When the internal company is in agreement with the external community then this creates TRUST. This idea has really resonated with me over the past few days. It makes sense why I trust so much in this city, because together the companies and organizations are clear in their mission and as citizens of that community we believe in their products. I am beginning to see these ideas resonate in so many areas across life. A common goal. A centered community. And Trust!

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