It’s Show TIME!

JazZoo is today, the first of four concerts this summer! My whole week, and ultimately all my work thus far this summer has been leading up this the beginning of these events.

IMG_9034On Monday this week I was able to sit in on a video shoot recording of Byron Stripling and
Dave Powers for Good Morning Marketplace on Fox 28. This segment aired on Wednesday and talked about their experiences with JazZoo and what the Columbus community has to look forward to. It was thrilling to hear them play music together, talk about JAG, and know that this segment would be an important marketing tool for JazZoo and all of jazz music!

Throughout the week we have been coming up with creative ways to sell more tickets and to market the event, like having a local news channel broadcast their weather from the Zoo, or offering drawings and lotteries at the event, to having exotic food from food trucks!

I am also in charge of the Volunteers for the event. From soliciting people, to organizing duties, mailing tickets and folding programs I have had my hands-full with tasks to prepare this week. I have also been posting on social media like a Tasmanian devil, whatever way I can to attract more concert-goers, is a success to me.

Tonight I will arrive around 5pm to the venue for doors to open at 6:30pm, our opening act starts at 6:45pm and the main concert begins at 8:00pm. I have never attended a JazZoo before; therefore, I am not only thrilled to be helping coordinate the event, but I think I am even more excited to be able to experience the magic of two greats: jazz + animals!

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