Senior Year As Told By Excel

This week, I was given the task to build a database of dietitians to market the nutrition app to (do you realize how many dietitians in the United States there are?!). This app will be starting internally at the end of 2016 but eventually, it is the Center’s hope that others in the eating disorder field and the larger nutrition field will use it to increase productivity and efficiency. On the other side of the screen, this resource will create convenience and hopefully lessen both confusion and anxiety for clients.

I feel like Eleni in saying that my week has been me + my spreadheet + not much else. At each learning session when the fellows go around the table and share what we have been working on, she tells us all about the awesome data and spreadsheets she works with on a daily basis. I’m assuming that mine is much less complex or number-oriented but yes, it has been fairly awesome.

This is what I have learned from Excel this week:

  • It is overwhelming (not excessively but, yes; a big project).
  • No matter how much I try, I’m going to make mistakes by missing information
  • It is time-consuming
  • Looking away from the screen to blink a few times, occasional walks down the hall and ice cold water next to my laptop are helpful
  • Nevertheless, it is still hopeful and exciting

These five bullet points of characteristics can practically be applied to any project but also, a glimpse of the place where students entering their final year of their undergraduate college career may be.

This fellowship with all of its networking opportunities, learning sessions and not to mention, incredible experience at a Columbus-area nonprofit couldn’t have come at a better time. My senior year worries and confusion may still be present but with new knowledge, connections and skills I can take onward, I am…

  • Overwhelmed? Add confidence to that mix.
  • Making mistakes all along the way? You bet! And learning from them.
  • Busy with a packed scheduled? A packed schedule that provides me with daily valuable experiences!
  • Breaks necessary? Always.
  • Hopeful AND exciting. Of course!!

Thank you for refreshing my outlook on the year ahead, Excel. Now back to saving the world (let’s call it that!) one dietitian at a time!


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