Smiles in Schools

This week, I was busy going to sites for History to Go. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week, I went to three of the ETSS sites. ETSS may sound familiar to some of you since Anastasia Martinez, another fellow for the Columbus Foundation, is working at ETSS for the summer. On Thursday, I also went to Brentnell Community Recreation Center and had a wonderful time facilitating programs.

I have officially been to all of the ETSS sites now and I have one more program for them on Monday. It’s been a great learning experience to see the diversity and differences among different immigrant communities in Columbus, Ohio. Just at ETSS, I’ve had the opportunity to work with kids from many different places like Myanmar, Nepal, Somalia, Cameroon, and Ethiopia. Even the physical buildings themselves are vastly different from one another.

The quality of buildings is something I notice now more than ever at all the sites I am going to. From going to so many community centers and schools, one can see the disparity in the quality. I would love to see some research on how physical surroundings affect behavior and attention. I found a couple of studies that relate to this idea, but it seems like I have more research to do on this topic and/or that more research should be done. While, the correlation between a physical space and behavior may seem obvious, I think if research is conducted that has concrete data it could help to influence policy decisions.

Anyways, I was not the only one who was able to come out to the ETSS sites this week from the Columbus Foundation. On Wednesday,  Nick George, the photographer from the Columbus Foundation came out and took a few pictures of History to Go. One of the pictures he took is on the Columbus Foundation Instagram. Anastasia Martinez also came out on Wednesday and got to see History to Go in action.

While, I am sure that Nick took significantly better pictures, I thought it would be nice to share some of my own pictures.  So, prepare for some cuteness:


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