Data Days & Columbus Nights

I have MY VERY OWN DESK. So, why is this news? It’s been 8 weeks and I’m excited to have a desk, rather than a roundtable, for…the remaining 2 weeks? Well, do I have an amazing update for you. KIPP offered me a part-time position in the fall, and I’ve decided to accept! This summer has been filled with invaluable experiences, and I feel like I still have a lot more to learn here. Apparently, things move very quickly while school’s in session, and I can’t wait to be at KIPP during its prime time. There’s even more data work necessary during the year–plus all of the KIPPsters will be back to bring their energy to the building.

I got to try my hand at a few different data tasks this week, including a project to determine if two particular tests given at KIPP (one a local test, the other a state test) have correlated scores. Using some statistics and Excel formulas, I came up with baseline scores that KIPP’s teachers should have as goals for their students on the local tests in order to be proficient on the state tests. A large portion of Ohio schools’ grades on the state report card comes from students’ scores on these state tests. KIPP is working hard to create specific, reasonable goals for its students to provide them with successful and attainable outcomes.

Outside of my Data Days, I’ve had some cool Columbus nights the past week with the other Fellows. Last Friday, Victoria’s “Jazzoo” project (see her blog posts and the photo below) went off without a hitch, and a few of us Fellows came out to support her and enjoy the show. It was a beautiful night at the Columbus Zoo filled with wonderful jazz music, and we had a great time. Then this week, the Foundation reserved a tent and tables for us at a Columbus Commons concert, where we got to enjoy food, friends, and fun local bands. It really is so nice to relax with people who know how exhausting it is to work full-time; plus, we’ve become an awesome cohort. The summer’s feeling far too short!



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