Music and a Meal

Since I am nearing the end of the my fellowship, I decided to look through the packet of information I received on my first day. It’s a bit sad to see that this journey is almost over, but I enjoy looking back at all I have already achieved through my fellowship.

This summer, as can be seen from my other blog posts, I have been busy doing History to Go and doing other projects at the Ohio History Connection. I’ve also had a chance to go to some really great events through The Columbus Foundation. Last week, I went to JazZoo through The Columbus Foundation. One of our other fellows, Victoria Alesi, has been working at the Jazz Arts Group. So, she assisted with JazZoo. It’s always nice to be able to support others in their work and see the fruits of their labors.

Dan Sharpe, our awesome coordinator from the Columbus Foundation, arranged for us to meet up at the Columbus Commons for a free concert yesterday. I had a great time hanging out with some of the other fellows and other young professionals in Columbus. I even met some law students from Capital and some members of the Columbus Bar Association. Since, I am going to law school in the fall, it was really exciting to hear about their experience. Plus, at the Commons, Conspiracy was playing and there were lots of puppies everywhere.

Both JazZoo and the event at the Columbus Commons were fantastic! I would highly recommend going to these events. Columbus is a great city. People should try to take advantage of all that it offers. Of course, that also includes food…

I have to share my new favorite spot–The Angry Baker. I had heard about it before, but I never made my way there. Now that I’ve had a chance to try their Fork and Knife Burrito that was made vegan, I’m hooked.


I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend and gets to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities things around them! I know I am looking forward to this weekend and to the networking event with former summer fellows next week.

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