The show must go on

From meetings to video shoots and another JazZoo, I had quite an adventurous week again. On Tuesday I was able to meet with my friend Kate who is the communications and marketing director for Gateway – Steinert. We sat down and she explained to me the fundamentals of a social media campaign from insights about your audience and what they need to a strategy for when, where and how to share information, and then a creative execution about what you are going to say and how you will say it. I learned about using keywords that attract your audience and that you should only be posting once a day on social media. I learned that boosting a post is the best investment when the post performs well organically. I also learned about how to make a month-long plan and implement it into your branding strategy. Overall, I learned a lot and then was able to share all of my insights with other fellows and at lunch yesterday with Anna for her time at Cristo Rey.

On Wednesday last week we had another learning session about Fundraising 101. It was truly a learning experience about how fundraising is centered around relationship building, and common missions, visions and values. Mollard Consulting was very insightful about Columbus non-profits and I was thankful for the session.

Friday was a long day. It began in the morning with folding 900 JazZoo programs and answering emails. Then I packed up a truck with musical equipment in the rain and sauntered over downtown to the Columbus Dispatch news room. There we unloaded the truck in the pouring rain to prepare for Abhik Mazumder’s airing for Windows on the World. For a half-hour Abhik, a 14 year-old piano player, played 5 songs and was interviewed about his performance that evening with the Columbus Jazz Orchestra. His music was projected on speakers through Broad St. and live streamed on facebook. It was great to help him and prepare for a piano extravaganza that evening.

Later that evening at JazZoo we were crossing our fingers that there would be no rain throughout the evening. We were lucky to have had great weather, a concert with 4 dueling pianists, scrumptious food trucks and a full crowd. Not only was it a successful evening, but another great week in the books for the summer fellowship.

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