My Most Memorable Week Yet!

Most of my days are fairly routine. I come in to my office at 8:30am and stay there until I leave at 4:30pm. Every so often, I will meet with my supervisor or make a stop in the front office to fetch what I printed. People also stop by occasionally to say hello or when there is a Care to Share (The Center regularly gives tours to professionals at other eating disorder centers or organizations in Columbus) but the conversations are usually brief.

This week has been much different for many reasons.

Monday: I attended my last nutrition app meeting with the development team at Improving Enterprises and several program directors at The Center. I also observed the CEO’s assistant film the Director of Food and Nutrition for a Q&A video she is producing.

Tuesday: I went to the annual board and staff event with an hour of mingling followed by presentations from the CEO, CFO/COO and Chief Clinical Officer. Liz Brown (Sherrod Brown’s daughter) transitioned from Vice Chair to Chair during this time! Afterwards, the current fellows met with past fellows for a networking social hour. We learned about the amazing work they are doing today and gained a few tips for our final presentation next week!

Wednesday: I finally went to a half hour yoga class with a professional instructor during my work day. This bi-weekly class is one of the self-care initiatives for the staff. There is a yoga room at The Center with mats, blocks, essential oils and chocolate when you finish! This day also marked the most popular tweet on The Center’s Twitter account since it was created a year and a half ago! Yay!

Thursday: I finalized a few details on multiple projects I’ve been working on for the past nine weeks. I also went to a Coldplay concert at Nationwide Arena which is rather unrelated to this fellowship but not completely because it was another opportunity to see and appreciate Columbus!

Friday: The CEO’s assistant showed me her video editing process for the donor thank you video. I also met with my supervisor to discuss the plan for how she will continue the efforts I have implemented…or should I say how I will continue them! I am excited to share that she is drafting a volunteer contract for me because I will be continuing doing all of The Center’s social media as well as various communication tasks for the upcoming year!

Each of these five days stand out with new interactions, heightened understanding of how The Center operates, greater appreciation for the staff who do inspiring work each day and excitement for my future at this incredible nonprofit. Taking breaks from my office chair has made the week fly, especially when the finish line is so close.

I am not looking forward to next week’s blog post when I have to admit that my 40 hour week commitment has come to a close. However, I am thankful that I am able to say this because that means this experience has been so much more than I could have ever hoped for! Let’s savor this current moment and enjoy the weekend ahead!

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